​Top 15 John Deere Lawn Mower Attachments

Posted by Katie McKinley on 26th Apr 2021

​Top 15 John Deere Lawn Mower Attachments

Top 15 John Deere Lawn Mower Attachments

By: Katie McKinley

Ever wonder how you can properly care for and get the most out of your John Deere Riding Mower? With so many attachments out there, it can get overwhelming figuring out which would be the best for you personally. Well, WE decided to do the work for you.

Below is a guided list of the Top 15 John Deere Mower Attachments to hopefully help you feel more confident in your search for the perfect attachment and be better able to care for your tractor.

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John Deere Bagger Kit

John Deere Bagger – Part No. BUC10284
First up is the John Deere Rear Bagging System, which is arguably the most-purchased attachment on this list for a riding mower. The bagger shown here will fit 100 and 200 series mowers with a cargo mount system.

This bagger attachment has a new design for 2021 including upgrades to the latching system that allow the hopper to stay up and the bags to be easily removed. With these upgrades and its usability, this attachment should be high on your must-have list.

John Deere 130 Pound Spreader

John Deere Spreader – Part No. LP39087
Next up is the 130-Pound Capacity Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader by John Deere. Perfect for fertilizing and seeding your yard or other large areas, this is a great investment for your collection. For those of you living in harsh winter areas, this attachment also allows you to scatter sand or ice-melt to help prepare a driveway for any storm that comes your way.

John Deere Mower Cover

John Deere Mower Cover – Part No. LP93917
One useful attachment that often gets overlooked is our John Deere Mower Cover. A cover may not be necessary if you store your mower inside, but it’s essential for outdoor storage. Keeping your mower outside exposes it to elements like rain, dust, wind-blown debris, and more. Placing a cover over your machine provides protection and will lengthen its life and functionality.

The cover shown above will fit 100-300 series mowers.

John Deere 42" Mulch Kit

John Deere 42” Mulch Kit – Part No. BM21816
Used on the 42” Decks found on most 100 and some 200 series mowers, the next attachment on our list is the John Deere Hard-Mount Mulch Kit. These kits are very easy to install by sliding underneath the deck and using just one bolt to mount. There are many different varieties available depending on your machine and what deck size you have.

John Deere Mulch Plug or Cover

John Deere Mulch Plug 42” – Part No. GY00115
Next on the list is a John Deere Mulching Cover. This is another easy-to-install attachment that goes on the edge of your mower deck and comes in both 42” and 48” deck models.

Allowing for quick and simple adjustments from side discharge to mulch, this attachment is a great tool to help you mulch grass, leaves, smalls sticks, and more.

John Deere Rear Mounted Sprayer

John Deere Mounted Sprayer – Part No. LP53283
We’ve also included our Rear-Mounted John Deere Sprayer, which comes with both a hand wand and a boom option. This sprayer does fit several different models, but it’s particularly ideal for 100 and 200 series mowers.

John Deere Tow Behind Sprayer

John Deere Tow Behind Sprayer – Part No. LP19478
Another great option for residential spraying is the Tow-Behind John Deere Sprayer. Equipped with a hand wand and a two-nozzle boom in the back, the valves of this sprayer will allow you to switch between the two simultaneously with ease.

John Deere Trickle Charger

John Deere Trickle Charger – Part No. TY263
This John Deere Trickle Charger is another attachment often overlooked, but if you find yourself only using your mower periodically, it might just prove to be the most valuable in your collection.

The model shown here is a Mount-On Trickle Charger that allows for mounting underneath the mower battery. You can also leave the charger on your machine at all times, keeping it plugged in to ensure proper battery maintenance throughout the winter months when not in use. Many trickle chargers have different connections allowing transference from one machine to another such as a boat, ATV, or another mower.

Check out one our old posts here to learn how to use your John Deere Trickle Charger.

John Deere Poly Cart

John Deere Poly Cart – Part No. LP21935
The John Deere Poly Cart is a very versatile attachment and was an easy addition to this list. A standard cart with a dunk feature, the Poly Cart is great for moving things such as dirt, gravel, and firewood, and transporting gardening tools or even other lawn equipment.

John Deere Mower Front Bumper

John Deere Front Bumper – Part No. BUC11080
Easy to install and requiring no tools for setup, the John Deere Front Bumper attachment comes in at No. 10 on our list. This bumper will protect the front of your tractor when running into objects while mowing or from an inexperienced operator.

Be protected and the envy of all your neighbors by adding a bit of style and security to your mower with this Front Bumper.

John Deere Single Bucket Holder

John Deere Single Bucket Holder – Part No. LPJD100
Also versatile and requiring no tools for install, the John Deere Single Bucket Holder is a reliable attachment capable of holding any 5-gallon bucket at the rear of your mower with a max-weight of 40 pounds. Use this tool for task such as seeding, yard cleanup, watering, adding extra weight, or trash pick-up.

John Deere Sun Canopy

John Deere Sun Canopy – Part No. LP68122
We know you’ll be impressed with the quality and coverage of the John Deere Sun Canopy, especially when compared to other canopies on the market. The canopy hangover reaches far past the mower steering wheel and provides plenty of shade from the sun making it a must-have for the hot summer months.

John Deere Seat Cover

John Deere Seat Cover – Part No. LP92334
The John Deere Seat Cover serves many purposes from protecting the mower seat from the harsh and drying sun to shielding the seat material from dirt, insects, and animals. It allows for extra storage using small compartments (zip-up feature included in some models) and adds extra padding to the seat as well for comfort while riding. We show an 18” seat here, but the cover comes in other sizes as well.

John Deere Weather Cover

John Deere Weather Cover – Part No. LP746014
Next on our list is the John Deere Weather Enclosure for riding lawn mowers. This cover will protect your tractor from the weather and other natural elements and is well-ventilated to avoid condensation build-up.

This ventilation is predominately a good thing but be aware that it will leave small openings where air and possible moisture may get inside the enclosure. That being said, overall, this is a great option if you work or store your mower where it will be exposed to a somewhat harsh environment.

John Deere Lawn Sweeper

John Deere Lawn Sweeper – Part No. LPSTS42JD
And finally, we’re wrapping up our list of the Top 15 John Deere Mower Attachments with the Lawn Sweeper. This tool is perfect for those of you who like to bag or pick up your grass clippings, trash or debris, or leaves in the fall. It will fit any lawn tractor with a hitch feature such as most John Deere riding or zero-turn lawn mowers.

See anything you like or must have right away? Get ready for the summer months by heading over to the Parts page on our site to grab your new favorite mower attachment! Check out this video to hear Brent talk more about this list, then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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