​How to Replace the Seat on a John Deere Tractor Style Mower

Posted by Katie McKinley on 9th Nov 2021

​How to Replace the Seat on a John Deere Tractor Style Mower

How to Replace the Seat on a John Deere Tractor Style Mower

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Give your mower a facelift with a simple seat replacement.

Has your mower seat seen better days? It happens to the best of us. With general wear and tear like weather exposure, excessive use, and often just age, that signature yellow seat can become dingy and cracked.

Here, we’ll tell you how to swap out that old seat for a shiny new one making for a prettier machine and a much more comfortable ride while mowing. Keep reading to learn how.

What you’ll need:

  • New mower seat
  • Replacement safety switch*
  • Pliers

Out with the old

To prepare for the installation process, you will first need to flip the seat up and remove the safety switch, shown here. To do this, simply twist the switch counterclockwise, pull it out, and set aside. If you find the switch to be bad and in need of replacement, detach and depose of the old switch, like shown below, and replace with a new one later in the seat installation process*.


After detaching the seat switch, you will need to use pliers to remove the spring clip located on the hinge of the mower seat that holds the hinge pin in place. Once removed, set the clip aside for later use. Next, pill the hinge pin out allowing you to completely lift and detach the seat from the mower, like shown.


In with the new

Once the old seat is removed, you can begin the installation process with your new replacement seat. Place the seat on the mower seat hinges and slide the hinge pin back into pale. Follow this by reattaching the spring clip with your pliers to the outside of the hinge to secure the pin and prevent it from jostling out while the mower is in use.


With the hinge in place, you can then reattach the safety switch to the underside of the seat and twist it into place. If you need to replace the switch, simply attach the new switch to the connector piece and then attach it to the seat.


And that’s it—you’ve now successfully replaced the seat on a John Deere Tractor Style Mower!

If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above, or are just more of a visual learner, head over and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Be sure to leave a comment with your questions to receive a personal reply from Brent himself, our resident YouTube John Deere expert.

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