How to Install Telescoping 3-Point Arms on a John Deere Tractor

Posted by Katie McKinley on 17th Nov 2021

How to Install Telescoping 3-Point Arms on a John Deere Tractor

Part Number: BLV10919

Experience true range of motion with this useful attachment.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a bind when hooking up your tractor to your 3-point implements, this attachment is for you. With the addition of telescoping 3-point arms, gone are the days of excessively tugging and pulling on your box blade, rotary cutter, etc. while attempting to line things up quickly for whatever job you’re planning.

Sound like something you could use? Keep reading to learn where to buy and how to install this attachment and experience true range of motion.

What you’ll need:

  • 24mm socket
  • Breakover bar
  • Ratchet
  • Pliers


To Install your new arms, you will first need remove the 3-point draft arms already installed on your tractor. This can be done quickly with relatively little difficulty. Start by loosening the turnbuckle system bolt on each arm using a 24mm socket and breakover bar. Once loosened, remove each bolt and washer completely using your ratchet. After removing these, pull out the chain studs and allow them to hang down out of the way, like shown.



Next, use your pliers to detach the two keeper pins from their mounting pins which are found on the middle of each arm, like shown, then remove the mounting pins from the arms and set aside. Now remove the lynch pins located at the base of each arm. These won’t require any tools to remove and can be released by hand. Once detached, set aside for later.


After the lynch pins are removed, you can simply detach the existing arms, like shown, and attach and secure the new arm using the lynch, keeper, and mounting pins and washers. Further secure each arm and complete install by reattaching the large washer and nut using your ratchet.



And that’s it—you’ve now successfully installed telescoping 3-point arms on your John Deere tractor!


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